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When it is clear that a couple has decided to separate and divorce, the involvement of a trained mental health professional is of great importance in collaboratively working with individuals to develop the necessary skills to manage the crises of divorce in order to rebuild a positive and happy life moving forward.

Judy is a specially trained and experienced licensed mental health professional who plays a key role in assisting the divorcing parties during the Collaborative Divorce process. Her primary area of practice is in family relationships. She has been trained in mediation, arbitration, Screening for Power Imbalances and Domestic Violence, and the Collaborative Divorce Process which offers separating couples an inter-disciplinary way of dealing with divorce during a stressful and challenging time in their lives. Through her therapeutic background, she recognizes that the strong emotions experienced by separating and divorcing couples, can often get in the way of effective collaboration on the legal issues thus delaying resolution. As a coach, she guides individuals to sort through these emotions, assists in setting  goals and  strategies to achieve them.

Judy draws from a wide range of educational and therapeutic  approaches to incorporate into the Collaborative Divorce Process. She helps to manage conflict between spouses and optimize their communication skills so that couples can successfully move through the divorce process and develop an effective co-parenting relationship for the future. She works to ensure that the collaborative approach creates an atmosphere of open communication and cooperation that enables the couple to formulate an agreement that best meets their individual needs and the needs of their children.


Contact Information: judy@baskerville.ca

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